How to apply

If you have the required qualifications as stipulated from the programme's requirements, then you're few steps away from being part of the growing family. The steps are as follows:



The first step is to identify your program of choice. Once that is done proceed by performing al online application through clicking here.



Once you have completed your online application process find somewhere safe to write down your Application Code which you shall then also write on your Phyisical application form.



Now is time to do your physical application. To be able to do so you will need a physical application form, don't worry. You can simply download it here.


Physical application

Write your App Code on the application form. Please note that the Application Code is used to identify you and track your application status.


Track application

Your application is done now, your job is now to track your application. Use the students portal to track your application using your App Code here.

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