Social Responsibility

We have some of the brightest young minds fully engaged with using their skills, as part of our holistic curriculum and active volunteerism, to find solutions for and provide assistance to communities plagued by many of Zimbabwe’s most unequal socio-economic challenges through our array of community engagement projects. We are an anchor institution within the community and we have a direct impact on the local economy, the safety and security, the upkeep and sustainability of our surrounds, infrastructure, attractiveness and the uplifting and improving on the general conditions of the towns our campuses are home to.

Keeping the city clean

support The Institution participates in a number of exercises all aimed at promoting cleanliness both on and off campus. Such exerciese include picking up litter and donating of bins and trash cans.

TelOne Center For Learning aims to assisting the country reach a world class status by 2030.

Hosted on the 1st Saturday of December annually.

TelOne Center For Learning also participates in planting trees though out the region with the aim of helping everyone fight global warming.