Teaching & Learning

The culture of excellent teaching is firmly entrenched at TCFL across all fields of study. Our committed academics have multiple approaches to teaching to ensure that students with a variety of learning strengths succeed.

TCFL Lecturing Staff

support Along with research, teaching is one of the university’s core tasks. The challenge is to awaken not only interest, but also enthusiasm for the material.

TelOne Center For Learning aims to give comprehensive support to its teachers - with advanced training, advice, and information, as well as concrete assistance.

On Campus Learning



Distance is not a bareer when it comes to learning at TCFL. The institution has you covered by the use of TelOne's state of the art e-learning platform iMPACT Learning. Students can attain their Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates while studying online. However, all final examinations are written physically at the Institution.

Student E-Services

  • E-Learning

  • An online e-learning platform were students can learn, write assignments, tests, communicate with other students and lecturers. It is a web based platform accessible via any smart device.
  • Student Portal

  • This is a web based online platform were students can view their semester continuous assesment marks, final examinations results and even register a semester and many more features. It is accessible via any smart device with an internet connection.

  • Open Public Access Catalog

  • The online public access catalog, often abbreviated OPAC, and frequently synonymous with library catalog, is an online database of materials held by a library or group of libraries.

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